About Us

Travelling is more than just moving places. It can be a journey of venting out everything and filling the soul with immense life, new learning, new stories and much more. It is a healing process while wondering within nature and finding out peace. To be happier it does not really cost money. In the past two decades, the travelling definition has widely transformed into a self-discovery journey, broader perspectives of life, a dive into nature, unforgettable experiences or whatnot. With these changing viewpoints, travelling has become a new big thing. People go to different places very often with purpose or maybe without. Consequently, travel and tourism are increasing carbon footprint globally. As a traveller, it’s our responsibility to minimise our effect on nature and conserve it. We the team of Tricky Traveller, are bringing a sustainable approach to explore the planet. Our platform provides a variety of real-time travelling stories around India coming from great influencers and markable personalities. If you have your own sustainable travel stories, you are free to take advantage of our platform to express it to the world. We have a wide network of people around the places to guide and explore those places as a local.