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Travel at its best can be exhilarating, facilitating, delighting and breathtaking. Finding out new locations, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures often needs an endeavour to break out of your comfort zone, and, in doing so, the expedition becomes a learning experience.

However, travel can be risky too, specifically if you find yourself in the wrong location at the wrong time. keep tabs on the world’s "danger zones," listing the most dangerous countries you should avoid. tourism in every continent is increasing. In fact, global tourism is at a never before observed height, disregarded by an increase in average incomes around the world, the comfort of booking trips over the internet, and the improvement of extra traveller sector infrastructure. With all of the raised tourist industry, the world has become a safer place for travellers but there prevails a lot of nations where several dangerous factors, with the danger of violence being major among them.

To assist you to maintain tabs on which nations pose the greatest dangers to you and your travelling partners, we’ve assembled a list of the most dangerous nations for travellers. Here, we take an interest in the most dangerous of them, so you can skip the dangerous locations and hold the joy of travel on the positive side.

Here's a list of the most dangerous countries for travellers


Afghanistan is one of the riskiest nations in the world. According to the UN peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan, the nation encountered 3,804 civilian casualties in the conflict, 927 of who are children. Afghanistan experiences fatal attacks from the Taliban across the nation and the U.S. is presently in its 19th year of war in Afghanistan. Afghanistan has the highest number of casualties from war and terrorism of any other nation in the world.


Syria is the second-most dangerous nation in the world. Syria just lately was put in second by Afghanistan. The Syrian civil war has haunted the nation since March 2011 and has been the second-deadliest war of the 21st century. An assessed 470,000 people, encompassing 55,000 kids, have been killed in the Syrian war. High degrees of chaos have been never-ending throughout Syria containing the use of small arms, tanks, chemical weapons, artillery, and aircraft.


The third most dangerous nation in the world is Iraq. Iraq remains to have both interior and external clashes, comprising potential terrorist attacks. ISIS remains to abduct and kill civilians and Iraqi armed troops. Additional human rights offences, comprising violations of freedom of assembly and women’s rights, have prevailed. U.S. citizens travelling Iraq stand at extremely high risk for violence and abduction and are a victim of Anti-U.S. sectarian militias throughout Iraq.

South Sudan

South Sudan is the fourth most dangerous nation in the world. South Sudan has a persistent dispute, civil violence, and extensive violent offence, comprising thefts, attacks, carjacking, and abductions. Armed dispute prevails primarily between the government and opposition organizations, with slight to no rule of law or order outside the nation’s capital of Juba. Regions near South Sudan’s borders with Sudan, Kenya, Central African Republic, and so on, are especially dangerous. Moreover, South Sudan is at high threat to climate disasters.


The fifth most dangerous nation in the world is Yemen. Yemeni Civil War commenced in 2015 between two factions: the Abdrabbuuh Mansur Hadi supervised government and the Houthi armed movement. Yemen has the nation’s nastiest humanitarian disaster, according to the UN, where four years of ongoing conflict has resulted in 4.3 million people evacuating their homes and 14 million people at threat of starvation and outbursts of fatal diseases. Approximately 80% of the Yemen population (24 million people) is in desperate demand of humanitarian aid.


Somalia is the sixth most dangerous nation in the world. Somalia has great abduction dangers in all portions of the nation. Terror assaults are likely at Mogadishu International airport, government buildings, lodgings, and eateries. Foreigners, government officials, and UN workers are considered targets of these assaults. Somalia’s droughts and food scarcities have stirred the already volatile environment and safety and effective police troops are missing.


Libya is the seventh most dangerous nation in the world. Libya has suffered high degrees of crime, civil violence, abduction, armed dispute, and terrorism. The violence in Libya is mainly caused by militias that resume conflict with one another over territory and resources. ISIS has executed several attacks that killed both civilians and defence force partners. The capital, Tripoli, and different large towns such as Suman, Al-Jufra, Misrata, Ajdabiya, and Benghazi, have prevailed frequent areas of fighting among military and terrorist attacks.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo

The eighth most dangerous nation in the world is the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The DRC lately encountered an Ebola outburst, which has claimed over 2,200 lives, according to the World Health Organization. The capacity of health workers to provide care to treat Ebola sufferers has stood obstructed by the violence happening in the DRC. Demonstrations are widespread in towns around the country and constantly turn violent. Violent crimes are widespread as well, such as an armed home attack, thefts, and attack and police lack the resources to effectively counter crime.


Nigeria is the vastest nation on a continent that is increasingly significant to the world for oil and different resources. It is a crucial player in the international energy arena. And it encounters many dangers both internally and from an alarming neighbourhood. Congo is the location of the nation’s most fatal conflict of the past decade and both an analogy and centre for the sort of local fracturing that brings instability in Africa.

North Korea

North Korea is one of the most dangerous nations in the world. Travellers can generally only trip to North Korea as part of an organised tour. Tour within the nation is severely prohibited. Whether you are touring on business or as a traveller, you will practically constantly be escorted by a guide and will merely be permitted to go where your guide is satisfied for you to go. For travel outside Pyongyang, it is your guide’s job to get the essential approvals. Military checkpoints at the entrance and exit to all cities usually comprise ID checks.

Just because a nation is on the list doesn’t mean it should be resisted at all costs. Sometimes the positives of travelling to a nation do certainly overpower the possible risks. Regardless, it’s anyhow advised to be reasonably aware of those dangers and organize accordingly. What we all should keep in mind is that different parts of a nation are in distinct danger zones. Extreme zones can exist in a nation otherwise categorized as low risk.

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