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Gurugram(gurgaon), The Millennium city of India, is known for its IT stops and shopping centers has become a leading economic and industrial center point with the third-most noteworthy per capita income in India, The city has such a great amount to bring to the table as far as extravagance and it has been into the spotlight for such a long time and advanced such a great amount in the most recent couple of years.  Besides Gurugram's land prices rising during the boom years, neither the manufacturers nor the administration really thought about where the city's prospering populace will discover the space for sports. Gurugram has enough fitness centers and private clubs however when it comes to a dedicated piece of real estate to set up a playground, there was none. That was until the landowners of farms recognized the extraordinary chance. The land in these towns isn't fertile and, attributable to an absence of water, just mustard and wheat grow in these fields, hence making farming uneconomical. They began making private cricket grounds. Thus, dedicated cricket grounds have come up in Kadarpur and Baliyawas. There are more than 150 cricket grounds.


Cricket isn't viewed as a 'sport,' but a religion in India. If there is something that binds together the individuals of India, apart from all diversities in religion and culture, it is the ceaseless fondness towards cricket. There is an incredible demand for cricket grounds and other sports, particularly on weekends, as corporates have taken to sports in a major manner. The villagers just love cricket.


Due to this development of cricket grounds, the economy of these towns boosted. This is the only town all over the world where there are so many grounds in one place. They have great facilities with the best possible measured grounds. Each ground holds two matches on non-weekend days and 4 to 5 matches on the weekends. One can book these grounds at night time additionally, as they have a proper arrangement of lights. These grounds are accessible at a cost of Rs 5,000 to Rs 6,000 per team for a match and the grounds come with a well-prepared and maintained pitch, green outfield, and washrooms for players. The grounds have created employment more than 1000 townspeople. The ground's man, ground umpire, third umpire, commentator, scorer, every one of them are from these towns only.


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