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Jaisalmer is indeed a 'land of wonders', its extravagant past, culture, nature, and legacy gives everybody an abundance to explore. Popularly known as 'The Golden City of India', Jaisalmer is a lively city in the middle of the Thar Desert. Each corner and area of this city has something to exaggerate and stun us. Jaisalmer is Rajasthan's Golden City. Not just golden as in ancient, but golden as literally golden in color. The entire town is constructed in yellow sandstone and stands at the boundary of the yellow Thar Desert. This gives it a perfect, warm, yellow tone and subsequently its nickname. The golden city of Jaisalmer, which lies fearlessly as the western sentinel of India, is a spot worth visiting. The golden beam of the setting sun draws an enchanting picture on the sands of Jaisalmer. The admirable wood- and stone-carved mansions and structures show the adoration for the Rajputs towards the expressive arts.

Here are some reasons for you to visit Jaisalmer

Living fort

Jaisalmer is home to one of the world's last surviving living forts. The Jaisalmer Fort (otherwise known as Golden Castle) is presently a UNESCO world heritage site and a must-visit. The Golden Fort or the Sonar Quila (Jaisalmer Fort) is one of the living forts in India. Which means half of the city lies inside the fort. Travellers can get a few accommodations inside the fort. While you are at Jaisalmer, don't miss out on experiencing life at a fort. It is one of the fascinating realities about Jaisalmer that makes everybody enthusiastic to explore. It contains flourishing shops, eateries, and houses inside its walls.

The Thar Desert

Jaisalmer is popularly known as the 'Golden City' due to its sand. The Thar Desert in Jaisalmer plays a huge part in the travel industry. Explorers get to the Great Indian Desert as well as experience desert camping, camel safari, dune-bashing, and desert life. It is exhilarating to see the huge golden sand dunes.

Haunted Trail

Kuldhara, a thirteenth-century town, is a short drive from Jaisalmer toward the desert. One day in the early nineteenth century, a whole populace up and left this city! The reason is a secret. The tales of this spot are creepy and frightening without a doubt. You not just will explore the spooky Kuldhara Village yet in addition numerous similar towns have been abandoned overnight. If you are courageous enough, do look at the haunted places of Jaisalmer.

Merasi Music Community

Jaisalmer lies close to the Indo-Pak border, and there are various cultural exchanges between the borders. The stories of the Merasi people group are an incredible illustration of such a cultural and religious exchange. Merasi is a Muslim people group of performers who sing melodies on Hindu Gods! Definitely, they are said to be Muslim believers who were Hindus. Merasi artists are very much part of Jaisalmer culture and their music has extraordinary importance in the locale.

Starry Night


The night sky here will leave you enchanted. Even if you’re not a "star-staring" sort of individual, you will become one when you're on the dunes. The Thar Desert, particularly the patch close to Jaiselmar is dry with hardly any precipitation. Clouds are an uncommon sight here. The dunes are far away from city lights. These elements bring about an amazingly clear night sky that looks dreamlike. You must be there to believe it. Experience a Beautiful Starry Night here, the clearest ever.

Longewala the Battlefield

Longewala was the battleground for India-Pakistan War that happened in 1971. You can see a Pakistani War Tank at this site. See huge fight tanks and jeeps of both Indian and Pakistani militaries and find out about the past behind each exhibit. Walls canvassed in photos and different weapons including guns and cannons give a brief look into the battle, while a sound narration of historical facts plays in the background. The Battle of Longewala was the significant base for the acclaimed Hindi film 'Border'.

Havelis and Heritage Hotels

Rajput Kings ruled the area, so it is nothing unexpected to discover a few heritage hotels and Havelis. Do aim to explore a portion of the magnificent Havelis in Jaisalmer. These Haveli's exhibit probably the best Jaisal carving work and are so delightful to take a gander at from outside. The gigantic Jaisalmer Fort is a living fort; there are rooms in it where you can really stay. There are a few Havelis in Jaisalmer that you can visit or even stay in one. Even outside the forts, there are numerous Havelis with huge rooms where you can stay.



Get teleported to the World of the Arabian nights. The captivating architecture of Jaisalmer will take you back as expected and the mystery in the air will give you a feeling of being a part of "Arabian Nights" with stories of the desert, camels, and everything fascinating. Jaisalmer Fort is just about as large as the city that is next to it, which appears like a piece of this castle itself, because of similar sandstone architecture. The Haveli's are likewise exhibiting the absolute best Jaisal carving work. 



There are numerous attractions in the city, like Badal Mahal, Jain Temples, Amar Sagar Lake, Havelies, camel rides, musicians, museums, puppet shows, and so forth However, leaving all this place aside, the best time in this city is by getting lost in its narrow streets and relishing the cultural sights. Rajasthani folk songs and dances are lively and tranquilizing. Rajasthani folk dance and music show is a must on your visit to Rajasthan. Indeed, even Jaisalmer is known for folk music and dance. It is a very pleasant experience.

From its clean as whistle streets and train station to the friendliness of smiling local people, a visit to Jaisalmer will leave you with certain great recollections that will last you a lifetime. Try not to miss this spot at any expense. Neverending desert, sand dunes, camel safaris, starry nights, antiquated forts, lively markets, and the most amazing sunsets, Jaisalmer has everything. It is the definition of Rajasthan and basically can't be passed up your journey. Explore the secret of the Thar Desert and find Jaisalmer's hidden secrets yourself. The best time to visit is from October to March.

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