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Sustainable Travel- The need of the hour

“Sustainability”: the word's well known nowadays. We're continually catching wind of res...

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Meghalaya- India's best kept secret

Home to lovely states, purely natural magnificence and culture that are rare for some other, the Nor...

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Karnataka- The heritage gem of India

Karnataka is a state in southwest India. Karnataka has a bundle of tourist attractions. From amazing...

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Travel after corona

Published 8 hours ago


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Our Creative Goals

Our goal is to spotlight the importance of green travel and embrace it as a necessity, not an option. We are a responsible travel community working with an aim to minimize our impacts on the environment, local communities and wildlife. we promote Eating at local owned places, staying at eco-friendly places, we encourage people to buy eco friendly and organic products Because Being sustainable is just another way to show love to nature.


Sarla Malhotra

I am addicted to this website eversince i used for the first time, keep up the good work👍

Pooja Verma

This is such an useful site... We can get information, buy products, talk with experienced people and so much more all at one place 💚

Mohammad Abdulla

Tricky Travellers is the best website to get information and guide to travel. I like this website.

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